3 Bitcoin News that you Should take Notice of

Bitcoin, the popular virtual currency, is gaining traction in global markets as a new form of currency. An array of merchants supports Bitcoin including retailers, e-commerce sites, hotels, restaurants and many more. We already wrote about Governments and financial bodies who legally approve Bitcoin and are helping it gain momentum....

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4 Banks that have Adopted the Concept of ‘Pop-Up Branch’

Financial institutions are using the concept of ‘Pop-Up Branch’ in order to test new permanent locations, provide low cost transactional support and implement special event engagement. In simple terms, these branches are kind of a “No-Teller” branch where there is more focus on implementation of new banking technologies to enable...

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Enabling Technologies

This Mobile Payments Company recently Raised $9.4 Mn in Verizon led Round

Flint Mobile raised $9.4 Mn in funding from Verizon’s investment arm, Verizon Ventures. It offers a smartphone-enabled payment service. The company has also attracted other investors like Digicel, Storm Ventures, True Ventures and Peninsula Ventures. Flint showcases itself as a competitor to Square Reader. It is a pure software-based service...

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Authentication & Security

Announcing the First LTP9 Leaderboards: Companies Leading the Way in Fraud and Authentication

Let’s Talk Payments is excited to publish the first ever leaderboard analysis of one of the most crucial elements of the payments industry - Fraud and Authentication. Considering the high degree of competition and the continuous innovation in this space, we have developed two separate LTP9 leaderboards for this category:...

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Alipay has Something in Store for Western Retailers as well

Alipay, the payments subsidiary of alibaba group Holdings Ltd., is extending its payment services to Western retailers starting with U.S. It has launched a new service dubbed as “ePass” which would enable U.S. retailers to e-commerce shoppers in China. ePass doesn’t offer a translation service as of now, so initially...

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Welch ATM is now part of Cardtronics

Cardtronics USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardtronics, has acquired the Welch ATM business for approximately $160 million. Cardtronics, Inc. is one of the world's largest retail ATM owner/operator, had announced acquisition of Welch ATM, a retail ATM services company, earlier this year. The combined company will bring a...

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