How can Crypto-currencies achieve Mainstream Adoption?

Contrary to what many people think, Cryptocurrencies offer many advantages over other mainstream payment mechanisms. They: Eliminate the need of a bank account Require very little participation of the users Don’t require an expensive technology infrastructure upgrade Can run on smartphones and other low cost devices Subway, Latin House Grill Burger...

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Samsung Launches NFC Payments in China

Samsung, the world’s largest handset manufacturer, announced its partnership with one of the largest card players in China, UnionPay. The two parties will work together to launch an NFC payment service for Samsung’s handset users in China. For existing UnionPay users, the service is available with immediate effect, and they...

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UK Enters a New Era of Carrier Billing

Placing the transaction of goods and services on monthly wireless bills is becoming a very competitive market in the US and across the world. Direct carrier billing is not only confined to being the payment method for commodities bought online, but is also making its presence felt in offline payments....

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Gemalto & China Mobile to Launch NFC Transit Payments in Beijing

China mobile has partnered with Gemalto to launch its much anticipated UpTeq NFC Multi-tenant SIM, that will protect customer data used for contactless applications. The campaign will be launched soon, beginning with the mass transit service in Beijing. Gemalto will pre-load the SIMs with the transport app and will enable...

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Authentication & Security

Top 10 Questions on Tokenization

One of the hottest developments of recent weeks is the introduction of tokenization as a means to increase security and reduce fraud. After years of speculation, followed by collaboration, and finally announcement along with Apple Pay, tokenization is now finally here. However, despite the excitement, the details on the initiative...

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Bank of America Upgrades to EMV Debit Cards

Bank of America announced on October 1st that all its new customers as well as business debit cards will come with the EMV security chip. With this announcement, Bank of America becomes the first bank based out of North Carolina to have switched to EMV for its debit products. Majority...

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Apple Pay

Why Apple Pay Might Fail in Offline Payments

The Payments industry has seen a paradigm shift in the last few months, at least on paper. Apple Pay was announced; PayPal declared its independence and Alibaba is now publicly traded. These moves were big enough for people to change their assessment of the direction the industry was moving in....

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How BLE and NFC will Co-exist in the Near Future

A lot has been said over the last one year about how BLE will kill NFC and vice versa, and there are many people supporting the dominance of one of these technologies over the other for different reasons, especially in light of new developments in the payments space. We believe...

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Is Apple Pay Tokenization Really the EMVCo Standard?

There is a fair amount of debate and confusion around tokenization standards such as EMVCo, TCH and others. Even EMVCo can't be described accurately by the large PDF file that the body has published (click here to download). Having said that, Apple worked closely with the EMVCo group (the payment...

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