Convenience & Security Alone Will Not Save the Day

Identity management, which encapsulates the issues of security and privacy, will be one of the most critical factors to ensure that secure m-transactions can successfully scale. Security of an individual’s data will have to become the responsibility of a trusted community, where the risk and rewards of accessing an individual’s...

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Rediscovering Discover – The Network of Networks

International tourists spent close to $1.4 trillion during their cross-border adventures in 2015. Since international tourism is one of the largest sources of income for a significant number of destinations around the world – in developing countries and developed ones – the banking industry has had to evolve their instruments...

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Daily Review: Alipay Storms North America

Brace, PayPal, Google, Apple, Samsung, and anyone railroading customers with proprietary mobile wallets and other payments products. Alipay comes to North America. Slowly, but confidently, Alipay builds its partnerships to storm the market. Alipay Partners with Poynt to Provide Millions of Chinese Travelers with Seamless Payment Acceptance on Smart Terminals...

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Enabling Technologies

The Devil’s Advocate

The issues related to scaling new technology, specifically in terms of stress testing its availability and redundancy, are very well known to entities that successfully operate such products and services at scale. While this is a tried and tested field, and hence, has proven tools and methodologies; the factors that...

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How Decentralization Changes Our Society [Video]

Innovation Advances One Funeral at a Time In an amazingly enlightening conversation, Naval Ravikant, the CEO of AngelList, and Ryan Shea, Co-founder of Blockstack, share thoughts on decentralization – how we are going from having too many expensive middlemen to fewer less expensive middlemen (Uber, Lyft), to having no middlemen...

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Enabling Technologies

AI Will Teach AI How to Overhaul Industries

Human: What do we want? Computer: Natural language processing! Human: When do we want it? Computer: When do we want what? Source AI will add $126 billion to the US economy by 2025 Artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, will overhaul big industries, including manufacturing, finance, and healthcare, potentially adding up...

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Provenir Launches RestAPI-Based Microservices Capability – ProvAPI; The New Solution Can Be Explored in This Web Event

New York, NY – 17 October 2017 – Provenir announced today the expansion of its risk analytics and decisioning platform to include a microservices capability. This empowers engineering and risk professionals to collaboratively create and implement risk processes, exposing them as REST APIs, which may include; risk models, scorecards, predictive analytics, machine...

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Daily Review: FinTech Ups & Downs

If the history of FinTech teaches us something, it’s that unexpected things happen. Seemingly successful cases meet speed bumps, pivoting the history of the whole segment. Today’s picks are dedicated to that – to the ups and downs of remarkable businesses and technologies. Square Has Just Begun Its Ascent With...

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The New Divine Comedy: FinTech's Two Circles of Hell

How many FinTech startups does it take to create one comprehensive payment solution? Apparently, close to 1.5K. That is how many FinTech startups are operating in the payments segment – one of the most represented and well-funded segments in FinTech (along with lending). Let’s see why. The most meaningful competition...

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