Enabling Technologies

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In one of the Talk with GS series, Robert Smith, Founder of Vista Equity Partners, discusses software’s transformational impact on the economy and how digitization continues to disrupt entire industries – from insurance to financial services, auto and beyond. Talks at GS – Robert Smith: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Authentication & Security

Diving Deep Into the ID Verification Market: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Competitive Landscape

The world is getting smarter and the consumers are becoming increasingly impatient, especially in today’s digital age. With technology innovations happening every day, customers are looking for services which require less time and minimal effort on their part. In this technologically advanced era where users can perform and manage their...

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Enabling Technologies

Daily Review: AI is Favored by CIOs Over Blockchain, as It Shows Positive ROI in Real-World Applications

Revolutionary technology is rarely spoken of in terms of real-world returns. Rather, it is heralded for the opportunities/possibilities it opens for businesses that can perfect it in business cases and leverage for higher returns. One of those technologies – AI – is finally showing some ROI (not the first time,...

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Creating the Decentralized Connectivity Layer

Daniela Perdomo, Co-founder & CEO of goTenna (a company that builds next-generation wireless architecture that enables low-power, low-cost, easily reconfigurable, resilient communication from the bottom-up), questions the concept of connectivity, envisioning communities where our smartphones can become self-sufficient connectivity nodes to enable wireless transfer of information. Creating the Decentralized Connectivity...

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The Only Thing That Will Matter for Robo-Advisors

The term ‘robo-advisor’ refers to online investment services that deliver algorithmically derived financial advice. Robo-advisors typically provide their clients with one or more of the following features: Formulaic goal-based advice, Tax-smart software, Globally diversified asset allocation, and Index exchange-traded fund (ETF) portfolio construction. The commoditization of these features has made...

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Investing in the Southeast, a Growing FinTech Hub

FinTech hubs are popping up around the world to challenge the status quo of London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Silicon Valley. If you follow financial services in the US, Charlotte, North Carolina, is no stranger to financial services as the third-largest banking hub in the US (it’s also...

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Enabling Technologies

The Disruption Hypothesis

M-commerce, given its relatively one-dimensional nature involving the consumer and a provider, is relatively easy to figure out. After years of trial and error, some of the challenges related to the technology for m-payments are gradually falling into place. That said, the biggest difference between the two is related to...

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