Prepaid Cards Poised to Hit $200 Bn in Merchant Sales

Prepaid cards play a big and growing role in mainstream retail operations. In 2014, purchases made via prepaid cards are expected to surpass $200 billion, or 5% of the total retail spending in the entire U.S. The prepaid-card market is growing, and with it comes growth in the diversified use...

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GoCoin Launches New Click-to-Bill Feature that Enables Seamless Acceptance of Digital Currency Payments

On Aug. 15, 2014, the first e-commerce payment solution designed to handle both bitcoin as well as emerging alt-coins at checkout, GoCoin, released a Click-to-Bill feature making it even easier for merchants to accept digital currency payments from their customers. "Consumers are getting more accustomed to alternative forms of payment,...

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Authentication & Security

GoNow Technologies Wins Patent to add EMV to Reprogrammable Cards

EMV cryptographic information including security keys, card data and user information are securely stored in the GoNow Card's secure element. EMV standard further protects the user from fraud. Philadelphia, PA - August 08, 2014: GoNow Technologies, an innovator in developing reprogrammable companion cards for mobile eWallet technology, has been granted a...

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Three Unusual Places Where you will Find Beacons

There has been quite a buzz around the prospects of Bluetooth-enabled miniature devices. There are numerous cases of beacon deployments by retailers and other businesses. Even Let’s Talk Payments has published numerous articles about beacons. We have talked about beacon-enabled mobility, developments in adoption of the technology and even the...

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