Daily Review: Amazon – The Horseman of the E-Pocalypse

Amazon is nothing short of a modern business wonder – the company is aggressively entering industries with no limit in sight. Amazon started off selling books out of Bezos’ garage and is now the largest online retailer in the world of everything from electronics to groceries. The company is in...

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Enabling Technologies

Daily Review: The Open APIs Season

"Banks must actively embrace the move to open APIs in order to secure their role and position in the new ecosystem of financial services and payments. Achieving this will require banks to develop a clear vision of their future, and reinvent themselves as technology businesses to turn that vision into...

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Mission-Driven FinTech: Partnering for Purpose

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman believes that new partnerships across the financial ecosystem are the key element to building an inclusive economy around the world. In this presentation, Dan shares his thoughts on why fostering economic opportunity for every person and every business around the globe is not only the biggest...

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India FinTech Awards 2017: Meet the Top FinTech Startups

The India FinTech Awards is a unique initiative by India FinTech Forum to recognize the best emerging FinTech innovations in the thriving Indian ecosystem. The award, in its second edition, provides a prestigious platform for FinTech firms to showcase their disruptive products, combine it with a sales pitch and engage...

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RegTech for Regulators

R2A is looking for innovators! R2A has launched a competition to identify innovators in Mexico and the Philippines. R2A will award $100,000 per country to two technology innovators to develop RegTech solutions for financial authorities in Mexico and the Philippines. In the Philippines, the selected vendor will work with the...

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NovoPayment Unveils API Platform for Developers

MIAMI – October 10, 2017 – NovoPayment, a leading enabler of digital financial and transactional services throughout the Americas, today announced the launch of its Developer Hub, the first bank-agnostic application protocol interface (API) portal of its kind offering resources to software developers seeking payment and financial service related APIs to...

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London – Still The #1 FinTech Hub

Investors have poured more than $1 billion into British FinTech companies since the beginning of 2017. In H1 2017, UK attracted $564 million of VC investment, up 37% on H1 2016. FinTech is worth $9.25 billion to the UK economy and now employs 60,000 people. “FinTech is a real asset...

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Week in Review: The Stories of FinTech

Rational. That’s how I’d describe banking, trading, and finance generally at its core – for better or worse. When you strip it down, FinServ is a giant, global spreadsheet of increasingly complex formulas spitting out dividends, interest, debts, credits, and transfers. Unfortunately, we humans have a flaw of being, well,...

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