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Mobile Payments Process for Tencent and Alibaba comes to a Standstill after Central Bank of China Suspends their Operations

China's mobile payment market recorded $199 Billion in transactions in 2013, according to Beijing-based firm iResearch. On 14th March 2014, China's central bank demanded that payments made by scanning a bar code with smartphones be suspended temporarily. This move struck the payment arms of Internet companies Tencent and Alibaba Group...

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Payment Accelerator for Contractors via TradeRoute, Launched by NetSecure Payments Inc.

Leading provider of mobile payment processing services NetSecure Payments, announced the launch of TradeRoute on March 12th 2014. TradeRoute is a payment acceptance service designed to accelerate cash flow for service professionals as well as contractors. "We realized that existing mobile payment offerings didn't meet the needs of the contracting...

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Enabling Technologies

Verifone continues focus on Proximity Payments and Retail Mobility Globally

Verifone acquired 10 companies since 2010 with a total disclosed value of $1,353m (for 6 transitions). The acquisitions were in the field of payment gateways, POS solutions, card reader components and interfaces, transaction switching solutions, and cashier technologies. Though generic reasons behind the acquisitions were to provide better customer service,...

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First Data seems to be building a Mobile Platform while it grows Prepaid, POS, Merchant biz Globally

First Data acquired six companies since 2008 with a total disclosed value of $1,100m (for 3 deals). The acquisitions were in the field of transaction processing, mobile marketing, merchant acquiring, POS terminals, and prepaid cards. While the generic reasons behind the acquisitions were to offer better solutions, bring down costs, take...

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Compare Best Deals across Multiple Sites via SeatGeek, Raised $5.97 Mn

SeatGeek was Co-Founded in July 2009 by Jack Groetzinger and Russel D'Souza. The company has received a total funding of $5.97 Mn through investors DreamIt Ventures, Founder Collective, Sunil Hirani, Mark Wachen, Arie Abecassis, Allen Levinson, Stage One Capital, The Trisiras Group, PKS Capital, NYC Seed, Lerer Ventures, Ashton Kutcher, Mousse Partners, Red Swan and Entree Capital. SeatGeek is a ticket search engine. The site aggregates...

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10 companies that are already using BLE Beacons Technology

A $10 device is attracting  a great deal of attention. Currently designed and engineered in various shapes and sizes by hundreds of suppliers (even startups) and tech companies and that are based on Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart, iBeacons are being used at 10 national retailers. In this article...

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