A Lesson on Lending: Alternative Lenders and Community Banks

Imagine you are a small-business owner running a profitable family restaurant for several years and looking to expand to another location. To do this, you need a $70,000 loan, but your bank has declined your request. Rather than go to a different bank and complete another three-inch-thick loan application, you...

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Authentication & Security

Daily Review: Defining the Future of Payments, Visa Bets on Biometrics

The biometrics market is expected to experience a substantial growth over the coming years. Some estimates suggest that by 2020, global mobile biometric market revenues will reach $34.6 billion annually. Mobile technology is believed to become a major force in accelerating the adoption of biometrics. More than 800 million biometrically...

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Enabling Technologies

What Happens When Mobile (Really) Hits the Wallet

Alex Rampell, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, discusses the underlying trends, shifts, and where opportunities for the tech industry lie thanks to mobile as the router through the digital wallet "stack." What Happens When Mobile (Really) Hits the Wallet, Alex Rampell, Andreessen Horowitz Various startups have been unbundling specific pieces...

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Helping Insurers Adjust to the New Reality of the Sharing Economy – Interview With Brad Weisberg, CEO & Founder of Snapsheet

The LTP Team had the pleasure of interviewing Brad Weisberg, CEO & Founder of Snapsheet, a provider of virtual claims technology used by auto insurance carriers to optimize workflows, speed up claims processes, and provide superior service to their customers. We hope you enjoy our interview with Brad as much...

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Daily Review: The Global Race for Real-Time Payments

“The brave new world of global finance is getting braver. Real-time and near-real-time payments systems have changed the fabric of online commerce.” - Patricia Pozuelo, Enterprise Technology Specialist, Intel The Global Race for Real-Time Payments 30+ countries have real-time payment processes of some kind (for example, Faster Payments in the...

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Will FinTech Partnerships Be the Future of Banking?

Christoph Rieche of iwoca and George Bevis of Tide discuss how they have teamed up to remove these barriers for small businesses and turn their experience from a pain to a pleasure. Will FinTech Partnerships Be The Future of Banking? By Christoph Rieche (iwoca) and George Bevis (Tide) WATCH MORE VIDEOS

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