MEDICI now! The Billtrust Story

MEDICI now! Startup Stories highlights the companies that are shaping the new financial technology industry. Keep an eye out each week for new stories! If you or someone you know should be highlighted, send us a note. Without further ado… Company: Billtrust Name/title: Flint Lane, Founder & CEO Industry segment:...

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Financial Well-Being in America

According to the report by Federal Reserve, Americans had $1.021 trillion in outstanding credit card debt in June 2017. This represents the largest amount of outstanding revolving credit in US history and beats the previous record of $1.02 trillion in April 2008. Americans also hit another debt milestone recently. The...

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RBI Announces Guidelines for P2P NBFCs

In the ever so evolutionary space of FinTech, the journey of a market starts with payments and slowly moves on to lending and so on. They come in various shapes and sizes: Loan aggregators (they are essentially lead generators for banks and NBFC) almost 10-11 years in existence. Alternate scoring-based...

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Escaping Bank Fees With FinTech

Whether it is about paying a friend for a bill shared at a restaurant or paying for a service provider, when it comes to paying other people, in Brazil, the first question usually is "What is your bank?" We no longer walk with too much money in the wallet, and...

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Apply Now for Open-F@B Call4Ideas 2017 by BNP Paribas Cardif to Build the Insurance Industry of Tomorrow

The fourth edition of Open-F@b Call4Ideas is here, right now! Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2017 is an international initiative promoted by BNP Paribas Cardif, one of the top 10 insurance companies in Italy, in collaboration with InsuranceUp, the first website in Italy dedicated to digital innovation and entrepreneurship in the insurance industry,...

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