Meet The Litecoin Hillbilly Mining Rig

Yep There’s Gold In Them There Algorithms Over the last year I have had countless people in the tech world ask about the mining of algorithmic currency.  These last months the interest has reached a level that is quite amazing.    In one of the last meetings of the algorithmic currency...

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Enabling Technologies

MoreMagic and mBank partner to offer 'Mobile Branchless Banking' in Emerging Markets

On December 3rd 2013, MoreMagic (a subsidiary of Oberthur Technologies) announced its partnership with mobile services specialists mBank (affiliated to PlaNet Finance group) to offer 'mobile branchless banking' in emerging markets. Oberthur Technologies (OT) is French provider of identification & security solutions based on smart card technologies. OT offers end...

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ShopkeepPOS, System Upgrade for Holiday Season

With Christmas just round the corner, shop owners can expect a lot more traffic at their stores. To manage the heavy rush, ShopkeepPOS has released a new version of its iPad based sales management which helps in reducing the check out time at retail locations. ShopkeepPOS was co-founded in 2008...

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Prepay Nation, Reinventing International Money Remittances

Prepay Nation is a US based company in the business of enabling international mobile topups and cross border micropayment services from one person to the other. Prepay Nation utilizes the prepaid mobile ecosystem to transfer values in the form of international airtime remittance. I got really excited when I came to know...

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NFC is back, some Analysts were wrong

In the past few years, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has been a subject of debate. It went through the bull cycle and this year it was felt by many that it is having a hard time. Various analysts, reports and payment experts had downgraded their outlook about NFC uptake...

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Enabling Technologies

HP and Accumulate in Partnership to Provide Mobile Payment Solutions

Hewlett Packard, has partnered with Accumulate, a Swedish mobile payment service provider to provide the next generation of mobile payment solutions to its customers. This will enable HP’s global customers to use mobile payments, mobile banking and mobile security services. Leveraging on this partnership, HP intends to use Accumulate’s technology...

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