Back to Basics: Two FinTech Startups That Want to Reach Customers ‘Door-to-Door’

Financial startups have great potential to have a social impact on the population, especially in emerging economies such as Brazil. FinTech startups that received the most contributions reflect that the market is attentive and welcomes these initiatives. This year, the two largest contributions were made to Creditas, which received ~$18.87...

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Daily Review: The FinServ Tinder, the Amazon Obsession & the Project That Broke From Hype Into Reality

Today’s picks of interesting articles are going to be half-consistent in a good way, with one common thread – outstanding leaders working hard to define the FinServ realm. Startup Ripple is beyond buzzwords with over 100 clients on board, UBS banks half of the world’s billionaires, and JPMorgan’s disruptor-in-chief’s ‘obsession’...

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Online Lending 2.0 by Renaud Laplanche

Renaud Laplanche, Co-founder & CEO of Upgrade, shares his thoughts on where online lending is today, where it is going, and how it fits the broader FinTech trends. Online Lending 2.0 by Renaud Laplanche In an insightful, data-rich presentation, Laplanche shares predictions on where online lending is heading: Prediction 1:...

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The Secret of Success in FinTech: Partner, Merge, Acquire

Everything new is well-forgotten old. FinTech is not a disruptive force (and blockchain is not a disruptive technology). Rather, it’s the history of institutional banking repeating itself. And the further into 2017, the more apparent it is that the global market is extremely limited for ~8K FinTech startups to have...

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Virtual Cards: The B2B Payment Method of the Future

When it comes to payments in the B2B world, customers are looking for more convenient ways to pay their bills. With the latest technological advancements, their options are expanding. As with any new technology, however, new challenges arrive that can slow down the invoice-to-cash process. But if a supplier has...

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Week in Review: A Case of the Mondays

The FinTech Week in Review just got a case of the Mondays – but in a good way! We were cheating you, our dear readers, of one whole day of potential FinTech news that we couldn’t cover. Guess what? It paid off. Just this afternoon, a very deserving article came...

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The Advantages of Decentralization

Most of us are well aware of the concept of decentralized systems. However, amidst the hype over applications, we may not dive into the contextuality of those applications. This time, I’d like to share a curious presentation by Vitalik Buterin, who puts decentralization into context, explaining different kinds of decentralization...

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Why Global FinTechs Should Look at India as a Market

Investments in FinTech are breaking all records in the past few years. New solutions are coming from everywhere, and consumers are switching to them faster than ever. In the center of this boom is Asia, especially China and India. While China still leads in consumer adoption rate of FinTech solutions...

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