Spending Analytics on the GO at OnBudget

A number of prepaid card providers are increasingly positioning their GPR (General Purpose Reloadable) prepaid cards as a checking/debit alternative. One such startup OnMobile, aims at providing GPR cards to unbanked as well as banked. OnBudget was founded in mid-2012 by Jim Collas (CEO) with co-founder Jeffrey Hall (COO) and...

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Numbrs with $11.5 Mn Funding Helps you Manage your Finances

Numbrs was co-founded in September 2012 by Julien Arnold (CEO), Dennis Just (COO), and Johannes Huebner (CTO). The company is headquartered at Zurich, Switzerland and currently serves Germany area. It is backed by investor - Swiss company builder ‘Centralway’ and initially raised $7.7 Mn from the investor. Recently, Numbrs raised...

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Infographics On Amazon Holiday Sales Statistics

Amazon has yet again broken records with its holiday shopping sales. Lets Talk Payments has analysed Amazon's sales and figures for the years 2012 and 2013 and come up with this Infographic: Even the digital media sales went up due to increase in available inventory:  

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Some of the High Profile Investments in Bitcoin in 2013

2013 was easily the best year so far in terms of Angel/VC funding in the Bitcoin segment. The virtual currency Bitcoin garnered a great deal of interest in 2013 from Angel/VC funding, but analysts expect 2014 to be a huge growth year for  Bitcoin exchanges, mining companies, and other startups associated...

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Enabling Technologies

DoubleBeam Acquires GoPago! Wait...I thought Amazon did that Last Week?

According to various news sources (Techcrunch, GoPago blog, and others) DoubleBeam, a company that offers commerce solutions (including white label) to merchants and mobile payments for customers, has acquired GoPago. Actually there are 2 deals here, one with Amazon and one with DoubleBeam. The first part is the mobile payment business. GoPago’s...

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YCombinator & Andreessen Horowitz backed PayTango, Pay via Fingerprint Scan

According to Biometrics Research Group, mobile commerce adoption will accelerate due to impending wide-scale integration of biometric technology into smartphone. It’s only after Apple brought its fingerprint tech in iPhones that biometrics got attention again. YC backed startup PayTango, seeks to enable customers to pay via Fingerprint Scan. PayTango was Co-Founded by...

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