Three new NFC deployments across Asia-Pac

NFC stickers based payments in Australia: Australia's Bankmecu and card issuer Cuscal have completed an NFC payment sticker trial, enabling consumers to make contactless payments at Visa payWave terminals using a smart sticker stuck to their phone. Bankmecu now plans to further test the service before launching it to its wider cardholder base in...

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Bluetooth Low Energy, Beacons by Apple & Paypal

Touted as the NFC killer, this technology solution is backed by two big names now, Apple and Paypal. Bluetooth low energy is a wireless technology intended at making payment easier for the users at stores with considerable lower cost and reduced power consumption. Some of the Bluetooth low energy based...

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11 Companies competing in the global mPOS market

Lot of small merchants, and even mid-sized ones are looking for mPOS systems because of the cost effectiveness, functionality, and easy implementation. What was started by Square is growing into a big opportunity. We all know about the big players. Here we cover a set of relatively new companies that are...

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