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How FinTech Can Save the Live Events Industry

Technology has always been a double-edged sword for the live events industry. Re-sellers – whether they’re digital bots or real-life scalpers – can force fans to buy tickets for more than triple their face value. Some estimates suggest that about 60% of the hottest tickets are bought by bots. In...

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This Cutting-Edge Payments Platform Grew by 769% in 2018

In a development substantiating its position as India’s flag bearer of FinTech innovation, Unified Payment Interface (UPI) crossed 600 million in monthly transactions for the first time in December. UPI’s growth by volume (number of transactions) was remarkable – it grew by more than 769% in 2018 compared to 2017....

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Apollo Munich Launches First of Its Kind InsurTech Ecosystem: InspireNext

The accelerating adoption of advanced technologies and ‘mobile-first, digital-everything’ models across industries set high standards and almost unattainable consumer expectations. In the past decade, the healthcare industry in India has been strongly impacted by the transformative force of technology, expanding access to millions in the urban and rural population of...

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Two Experiences That Technology Will Kill Off in 2019

There is a well-researched variety of reasons for which consumers cut their online experiences with brands short: complicated checkout, forced registration (when forced registration is removed from the checkout page, businesses can see a 45% increase in customer purchases), unexpected costs (56% of shoppers leave for this reason), lengthy registration...

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Turkey: The Journey to a Cashless Society

When I travel around the world and meet with leaders in financial technology, they are frequently surprised to learn about the highly ambitious goal set by Turkey: to become a cashless society by 2023. About 10 years ago, only 20% of total household consumption was conducted via cards. Today, this...

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Handpicked Infographics to Wrap up 2018

How Banks Are Using AI as a Tool for Transformation Artificial intelligence and machine learning are emerging as the most defining tech-marvels in this new wave of financial services. The technology, along with the abundance of data, has given way to several innovative FinTech business models. Several promising players now...

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Debt Collection in 2019 – From Recovery to Retention

In October 2018, the total outstanding consumer debt in the US surpassed $3.96 trillion – a continuously increasing volume (in Q1 2018, the total outstanding consumer debt in the US was at ~$3.86 trillion) that could make debt collection one of the hottest businesses of 2019. Q3 2018 delinquency rates...

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The FinTech Effect

The year of 2018 is proving to be an explosive one for global FinTech investments: in H1 2018, the global FinTech community raised more than $61.86 billion in a combination of VC/PE investments and acquisitions/buyouts. In terms of YoY growth, global FinTech VC/PE funding grew by a staggering 150%, from...

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MEDICI Top 30 FinTech Leaders in Italy 2019

The right leadership plays an invaluable role in defining the success of any business venture along with a combination of other factors, whether it’s economic conditions, federal support, or the regulatory environment. Every country has its own community of thought leaders dedicated to national success. Being one of the hubs...

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