Beyond Banking

Key Insights into Singapore's Ride-Sharing Market Landscape

We live in interesting times where customers respond well to improved user experiences. The exponential rise of ride-sharing services as a result of the sharp consumer demand has led to more employment opportunities for drivers and innovative commuting options for the masses. Targeted customer loyalty programs and promotional campaigns have...

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17 Australian Blockchain Startups to Watch Out For

On Mar 18, 2019, Australia’s federal government announced a boost of AU $100,000 and its plan to develop a national blockchain roadmap. Efforts are in the right direction to position Australia as a hub for blockchain technologies – the Australian FinTech landscape will be interesting to observe in 2019. Here...

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When a Dragon Births Unicorns – 5 In 2018

China has always had a solid reputation for high-speed manufacturing, but when it comes to highly-valued ventures, the country may just have outdone itself last year. Consider this: in 2018, in spite of an extended trade war with the US and in the face of an economic slowdown, 25 private...

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Status Check of Real-Time Payment Systems Across the World

The worldwide adoption of ‘fast payments’ or ‘real-time payment’ systems started to draw attention in the early 2000s due to its value proposition of quicker and continuous service availability for low-value transactions. A real-time payment system is defined as an instantaneous, irrevocable, continuously available system which can facilitate higher volumes...

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Enabling Technologies

DigiLockers: Unlocking the Potential – Part 2

As I pointed out in my article last week, with the proliferation of smartphones and falling data costs, DigiLockers coupled with e-signature offer the promise of facilitating financial inclusion by reducing CAC and compressing TATs. However, there is scope for greater proliferation of the use of DigiLocker and expanding the...

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JPM Coin: A Closer Look at Why it Could be a Big Deal

If you were online on February 14 this year, you couldn’t have missed what many in the FinTech industry claimed was the announcement of the year – the launch of JPMorgan’s new digital currency, dubbed JPM Coin. Here’s what is interesting: right after the announcement, the cryptocurrency market saw a...

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