How the WorldPay-Vantiv Megamerger Could Change Payments

Yesterday’s news of the prospective $9.9 billion-dollar merger between acquirers Vantiv and WorldPay may be just more noise in the cacophony of FinTech M&A. But we FinTech geeks want to know, “What will this merger look like?” and “will the processing systems actually be integrated, or will the two companies...

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MEDICI now! The FriendlyScore Story

FinTech startups have revolutionized the financial service industry with their niche ideas and tech-savvy innovations. If the idea can bring something new to the industry, there is a real chance of success, and London-based FinTech group FriendlyScore typifies everything right about how to grow your startup. Having been ranked first...

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Is There a Threat to Card Networks?

Who is trying to replace the card networks? There are hundreds of innovation attempts that are being made to replace the traditional payments mode of cards and the card network business of giants like Mastercard and Visa. On analyzing these attempts, the backbone of most technologies can be grouped into...

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How Is FinTech Impacting B2B Payments?

Consumers are adopting peer-to-peer FinTech technologies in their everyday lives, from electronic wallet solutions to mobile money transfers. Online payments in e-commerce no longer faze consumers, with the total global market for e-commerce projected to surpass $2.4 trillion this year, for approximately 10% of the global retail market. Global P2P...

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Exclusive Interview With Josh Bottomley, Global Head of Digital, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC

The FinTech industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. Startups can rise quickly, appearing on the market with new technologies, platforms, and services that could improve our experience in financial operations. But how do these startups interact with banks? More importantly, how do banks consider FinTech innovation and work...

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Week in Review: Anniversaries and Foundations

This week’s introduction is integrated with the first article. Consider it a small homage to the power of an integrated product. We have Apple to thank for a decade of FinTech revolution "Over the next 10 years, innovations won’t be beautiful – they’ll be invisible.” There is plenty of buzz...

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