Diversification of the Global Lending Landscape – Courtesy Non-Traditional, Non-FinServ Tech & TechFin Players

The global lending landscape is going through a wave of disruption. While growing internet and smartphone penetration coupled with the rise of FinTech has challenged incumbents to go digital and look to incorporate innovative technologies in the way they do their businesses, the newer, nimbler business models are looking to...

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Democratization of Startup Financing

Over 11,000 FinTech startups are operating around the world across 15+ segments, with payments and lending startups consistently being among the most funded and represented. In the past decade, average deal sizes have grown significantly for startups in late-stage rounds, while seed-stage companies possibly lost their former appeal to an...

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Zelle Usage Continues to Grow Amidst Security Concerns

P2P payments – one of the key segments where FinTechs have significantly dominated the banks. The PayPals, Venmos, and Paytms of the world have been enjoying their lead in their respective markets. However, the US payments market is witnessing a comeback story – the one where banks have come together...

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A Perfect Storm of Opportunity in Mobile Banking

It’s been a decade since the Apple iPhone’s App Store came online, bringing with it an entirely new engagement channel for businesses, and changing how consumers everywhere interact, play, and shop. The intervening time has seen cycle after cycle of explosive mobile fragmentation, followed by consolidation. Standalone apps launched for...

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Taking Insurance to the Next Level with InsurTech Partnerships – European Experience

When analyzing insurer-InsurTech partnerships, we looked at a total of 95 partnerships established by 25 incumbents with several InsurTech startups and categorized those partnerships across major areas of operations. While the number of integrations, scale, and areas of operations where those integrations are being tested today vary, integrations/technology adoptions are...

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A Journey to Digital Transformation: Collaborative Innovation in the US Insurance Industry

With the evolution of bank-FinTech narrative from competition to collaborative innovation, the insurance industry was bound to follow the steps, re-evaluating risk management frameworks in place, re-building customer experience, and overall, taking a fresh look at the insurance value chain to explore opportunities that technology companies offer. “InsurTech innovation is...

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Insurance Incumbents Are Moving Ahead in Their Quest Towards Digital Transformation Through InsurTech Partnerships

The general trend in the global financial services industry has been shifting from disruption to collaboration. While incumbents are looking for innovations, startups are looking for scale. Thus, the growing collaboration between them is delivering win-win benefits at multiple fronts across FinServ. Leading in this race for collaborative innovation are...

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KYC for Businesses – A Deep Dive

While banks and financial institutions have a monetary incentive to add as many new companies and individuals as possible to their banking system, they face many challenges in executing the onboarding process for new customers. Over the past few years, the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB)...

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