Authentication & Security

Mitek Presents: Mobile Identity Verification – Where UX Meets Compliance

Meeting regulatory requirements while offering a seamless customer experience In today’s mobile-first world, enabling customers to seamlessly and securely transact is key for any organization looking to win and retain customers. Additionally, this ease of use in the digital channel has led fraudsters to move online as well. In response,...

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A FinTech Asks the Question: NYC FinTech Week

We’re excited to be participating in FinTech Week in New York with two marquee events, the FinXTech Annual Summit and Empire Startups' FinTech Conference. A major theme in FinTech and at the conferences is partnership between incumbent financial institutions and FinTech companies. In the spirit of this partnership, we wanted...

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Navigating the Maze of Blockchain Consortia

We have always asserted that blockchain is an ecosystem-level technology that stands to bring about cost-related and operational efficiencies in interconnected systems, an exchange, for instance, perfectly fits the bill. We have come across three general approaches that enterprises consider towards realizing the potential of blockchain: 1. Partnering with a...

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Nomura Launches Voyager-Nomura FinTech Partnership

In recent times, we have witnessed debates on the active collaboration between FinTech startups and financial institutions. There have been naysayers backing the demise of financial institutions with the emergence of FinTechs, commentating on the agility of these startups to disrupt the existing legacy ecosystem. Instead, financial institutions have started...

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Account Aggregation – Questionable Viability

The PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) – going to be implemented across SEPA (Single Euro Payments Zone) in 2018 – is going to bring about many changes to how financial services are delivered to customers. The Directive has, however, been in the news since its announcement for one major shift...

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Enabling Technologies

New PPI Draft Guidelines – Shift in Approach?

For many decades, despite the government’s best efforts, a vast segment of the Indian market was underserved in terms of financial services, including basic banking services. In this context, and taking into account other inadequacies of the market, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI, India’s Central Bank) decided to create...

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Enabling Technologies

Handpoint Launches Analytics in Its Cutting-Edge Integrated Payments Platform for Merchant Acquirers

Handpoint releases Analytics dashboard to give ISVs, ISOs, and partners using Handpoint platform real time and actionable data about transactions, partners, and markets. Palo Alto, April 10, 2017 – Companies are demanding more data around their operations in nearly every aspect of their business, and payments is no exception. As...

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Tech Innovation in the Remittance Industry

There is no consensus on the level of tech innovation in the international or cross-border money transfer and payments industry. FinTech startups think that there is none. They think that the industry is so complex, full of intermediaries, with huge margins, settlement problems, etc., that it is ready for disruption....

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