20 Blockchain-Focused Startup Accelerators as Unconventional as Technology

As the blockchain-focused community of entrepreneurs expands worldwide, so does the ecosystem aimed to support and nurture top-performing solutions. Being FinTech-focused is not enough – experienced professionals are branching out to blockchain-focused entities, incubating and accelerating development and deployment of DLT-based solutions across industries. Adel Adel is a global cryptocurrency...

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Patent Overview

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Patent Overview from September 2017. To capture the massive growth of blockchain and DLT patents over the last several years, Let’s Talk Payments has partnered with Carneros Bay to release a complete analysis of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies patents market. Ever since the anonymous drop of Bitcoin’s...

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Daily Review: A Startup Uses Quantum Computing to Transform the World of Machine Learning

Machine learning applications are storing the financial services industry with institutions and regulatory bodies putting technology into real use. Real-world applications, however, are not where the change happens as talented scientists are looking to revolutionize the hardware behind machines with quantum computing capabilities. Rigetti Computing, a company based in California,...

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30 Non-Financial Use Cases of Blockchain Technology

While financial use cases of blockchain technology are at the spotlight due to the significant interest of powerful parties – banks, investors, and even governments– non-financial use cases of DLT are of equally significant importance to a number of industries. Along with banks and FinTech startups, non-financial players have been...

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Daily Review: Gibraltar Launches World’s First License for FinTech Firms Using Blockchain

Developments in blockchain technology have taken a leap to a whole new level – the first license for FinTech firms using blockchain distributed ledger technology has been introduced by Gibraltar’s financial services watchdog. From whitepapers, to PoC, to real-world applications and deployments, blockchain-focused startups now have a place in the...

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