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The Customer Remains King

Mobile payment offers many advantages over paying with traditional cash. However, it can only be successfully implemented where it is adopted by the customer. Christian Baumann, Head Value Added Services from SIX Payment Services, explains which incentives can help attract customers. It is widely accepted that mobile payment methods are...

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Blockchain Query Language – Revisited

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article for Let’s Talk Payments in which have I argued and tried to test blockchain's community thinking, eventually moving towards something called Blockchain Query Language (BQL). My main goal was to see if there was an appetite for the high level of standardization...

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IoT in Banking: Exploring Exciting Opportunities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is grabbing headlines of all technology news portals. Relevant articles feature the ways these technologies influence a wide range of industries, intertwining with businesses of all stripes and colors, healthcare, insurance, commerce, real estate, education, etc. The IoT presence in banking is not so evident:...

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Enabling Technologies

NACHA Announces Completion of Exploratory Effort with Accenture on API Standardization for the US Financial Services Industry

NACHA announced the completion of its exploratory effort around the value of API standardization for the US financial services industry. In collaboration with Accenture, NACHA led a comprehensive research project, which included an analysis of the U.S. financial services market; examination of the potential roles and responsibilities of industry stakeholders...

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MEDICI now! The Story of Monotto

We’re always looking for new ways to provide FinTech insights. We’re introducing MEDICI now! Startup Stories - highlighting the companies that are shaping the new Financial Technology industry. MEDICI now! The Monotto Story Company Name: Monotto Name/Title: Christian Ruppe, CEO and Co-founder Industry Segment: Personal Finance/Banking Software Target Markets: United States...

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Payment Technology Innovator Dimebox Raises €5 Million

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – March 1, 2017 – Amsterdam-based FinTech startup Dimebox raised €5 million in a series A round from the BillPro Group, a leading global payment processing organization. Dimebox has built a full-stack global acquiring solution, offering financial institutions the latest innovations in online payments. Dimebox offers its...

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The FinLab: Propelling Your FinTech Startup From Singapore Into the Global Market – Applications Now Open!

Mankind’s first spaceport, the Baikonur Cosmodrome, was founded by the Soviets in 1955. Its location in Kazakhstan was chosen for its low latitude, sparse population density, railroad access, and proximity to water supplies, all factors needed to launch an unwieldy rocket into space. Still in use today, Baikonur is a...

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