88 International Startup Accelerators, Incubators & Innovation Labs Nurturing Innovators in Financial Services

As the startup ecosystem grows in complexity and enrichment with technological advancements, banks and corporations rush to seize the opportunity to harvest the best solutions available. Innovation hunters have been looking for opportunities in different ways, one of which is to set an accelerator/incubator, innovation lab or some sort of...

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Data Analysis

Big Data Is the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Room

The beauty of transactional data is its transient nature, which can help augment more conventional static profiling capabilities to create high-quality dynamic profiles. It is still early days but clearly, the advantage the large networks have – social or otherwise – are centered on their access to large data sets....

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11 Blockchain-Focused Startup Incubators as Unconventional as the Technology

As the blockchain-focused community of entrepreneurs expands worldwide, so does the ecosystem aimed to support and nurture top-performing solutions. Being FinTech-focused is not enough – experienced professionals are branching out to blockchain-focused entities, incubating and accelerating development and deployment of DLT-based solutions across industries. Adel Adel is a global cryptocurrency...

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The Illusion of Payment Disruption

There has been growing discussion over the past few years on the new transaction rails, and how the Internet has disrupted payments just like other industries. Unfortunately or fortunately, the payments industry is not that easy to disrupt. Every serious attempt that has managed to garner some scale has ended...

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Authentication & Security

Can a Unified Identity Become the Most Valuable and Dangerous Asset Ever Created?

A fragmented individual One’s identity is a centerpiece of every aspect of his/her life – financial and social standing, health, family welfare, employment, education, etc. Therefore, the recognition and authentication of an individual’s identity, together with associated rights, is becoming a priority for governments around the world. Identification – whether...

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An Innovative Nation is a Connected Nation

The value of connectivity is difficult to overestimate – nations that are most successful in innovation adoption are the most connected nations, where the rate of internet penetration and mobile technology adoption are the highest. Indeed, nations recognized as the most innovative ones in GII 2016 – Switzerland, Sweden, the...

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Wanted: Card Issuers & Merchants to Join Forces With Ethoca to Combat the USD $146-Billion Global E-Commerce Transaction Decline Problem

Ethoca Research and pilot programs with card issuers & merchants aim to increase card acceptance globally, ensure good customers are never turned away TORONTO, Ontario, Canada; Austin, TX; and London, UK – December 7, 2016 – Ethoca, the industry standard for collaboration-based technology solutions that enable card issuers and online...

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Authentication & Security

The Infrastructure of Infrastructure

What will remain constant – whether we have a one-dimensional or multidimensional perspective of privacy – is the need to securely conduct transactions at scale; the need of a single-sign-on credential that can generate a multitude of tokens depending on the personalized transaction ecosystem, seamlessly traversing closed-loop and open-loop environments....

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Global Accelerator Startupbootcamp FinTech Lands in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi to Scout FinTech Talent

Startupbootcamp Singapore’s FastTrack program provides innovative early stage FinTech startups the opportunity to pitch and gain exposure to industry leaders throughout the India. Singapore, December 7, 2016 – Startupbootcamp FinTech announced a three-day FastTrack schedule in Mumbai on the 16th, New Delhi on the 18th and Bangalore on the 20th of...

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