A First in ASEAN: 6 P2P Lending Licenses Granted in Malaysia

Six P2P lending licenses were granted in Malaysia recently, making them the first authorized platforms in the ASEAN region. On Thursday the Securities Commission of Malaysia said that it had registered six peer-to-peer lending platforms – B2B FinPAL, Peoplender, Ethis Kapital, ManagePay Services, Modalku Ventures and FundedByMe Malaysia. According to...

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International FinTech Regulatory Sandboxes Launched by Forward-Thinking Financial Authorities

As financial technology startups become an immense part of the global financial system, an appropriate environment is required to understand and leverage opportunities presented by new entrants. Regulatory Sandboxes became a universal framework, in which regulators, financial institutions, entrepreneurs and industry professionals can interact and better understand each other. Among...

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Conversational Systems Will Enable Businesses of the Future to Be 'Invisibly Present' Through Time and Space

One of the strategic technology trends for 2017 are conversational systems. As defined by Tata Consulting, enterprise conversational systems offer a messaging or conversation-driven user experience and facilitate contextual conversations around business events. Through connected APIs, enterprises can build conversational systems that aggregate business events from every area of the enterprise...

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Blockchain-Powered Revolution in the Insurance Industry

Last year, >$1.2 billion was invested in InsurTech startups – six times the amount invested in 2010, making the insurance industry one of the most exciting areas of innovation with the highest disruption potential for tech-powered startups. According to a 2015 report from WEF, “The most imminent effects of disruption...

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The Weak Link in the Omnicommerce Security Value-Chain

A far cry from the first ARPANET e-commerce transaction is omnichannel digital commerce or omnicommerce. As e-commerce matures, mobile devices become the second brain in our hands, and connectivity steadily improves, retailers and service providers are leveraging every asset available to them to improve engagement with customers and drive repeat...

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Which Are the Top Three Most Innovative Nations and Why?

Despite the common perception of North America being the most advanced and innovative financial technology market (thanks to Silicon Valley, New York, Vancouver and Toronto), the latest report on the innovative nations ranking challenges that idea. The GII 2016 results suggest that world’s top three innovative nations are all European...

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Singapore FinTech Festival: FinTech Hub's Flight to the Top

Singapore, a leading global FinTech hub has a vibrant and collaborative FinTech ecosystem comprising of 270+ FinTech startups, several technology companies, financial institutions, investors, accelerators, research institutes and institutes of higher learning. With its business-friendly environment, access to expertise and strong support from the government and regulators, the city-state is...

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