LTP Partners With YES Bank’s FinTech-Focused Business Accelerator Program YES FINTECH - Applications Now Open

Let’s Talk Payments is pleased to announce it is now the Knowledge Partner for YES FINTECH, a FinTech-focused Business Accelerator program powered by T-Hub (India's fastest-growing startup engine) and Anthill. LTP is pleased to bring this to FinTechs who may benefit from the unique bank-led accelerator. YES FINTECH is a...

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PaymentAsia Enters WeChat Pay Segment

PaymentAsia adds WeChat Pay to its umbrella of payment services. With a move to increase their stronghold in Asia. PaymentAsia adds another innovative payment method into their bouquet of online payment services. WeChat Pay is an innovative online payment service which is integrated into WeChat Messenger, the revolutionary online payment...

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Hong Kong: A Home Away From Home for European FinTech Startups

Controversial opportunities for FinTech in Europe European FinTech hubs have traditionally been taking leading places among the hottest FinTech communities globally. Nonetheless, in recent years, European FinTech startups faced certain hardships due to political, economic and regulatory changes, affecting the startup community directly or indirectly. Brexit, for one, created a...

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The RegTech Effect: Unleashing Innovative Capacity With Cost-Efficient Data Management and Reporting Solutions

Compliance consumes innovation opportunities In the financial services industry, compliance is not an option. It is the speed-inhibiting layers of operations that are extremely expensive and becomes even more expensive if not done correctly. Just to understand how expensive and resource-consuming compliance is, professionals have emphasized the following stats: Globally,...

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Ingenico ePayments Brings Global Payment Capabilities to Messaging Bots in Boost to Conversational Commerce

New York, US and London, UK. 16 January 2017 – Ingenico ePayments, the online and mobile commerce division of Ingenico Group, and Ingenico Labs, its innovation department, today announced a solution to provide e-commerce merchants with payment-enabled messaging bots. The initiative will allow consumers and online businesses to engage in...

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Enabling Technologies

Emerging Payments Association Releases Analysis of Post-Brexit Options for FinTech Growth Beyond 2019

London, UK. Thursday 12 January 2017 – The Emerging Payments Association (EPA), the UK’s leading payments community, is today releasing a new report, Passport to the Future, analyzing and recommending the best options available to UK-based FinTech companies, should they lose their EU passporting rights following the UK’s imminent exit from...

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Financial Inclusion

Opportunities for Financial Inclusion in Asia

Financial inclusion is one of the most complex problems equally damaging for economies and populations in every corner of the world. While the scale may vary in developing and developed countries, for every government, it remains one of the top issues standing in the way of society’s resilience to hardships...

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In the World of Invisible Payments

The invisibility of certain financial services is a cornerstone of a seamless experience, contributing to the usage growth and expanded opportunities for businesses. Invisible and uninterrupted payments experience, in particular, can have a dramatic impact on any type of service adoption and drive never seen before growth in sales across...

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Authentication & Security

The Sources of Increasing Risks for Financial Institutions in 2017

The traditional banking sector has witnessed considerable changes in the market environment, technology trends and customer expectations, leading to the necessity to respond to those changes. Regardless, a year ahead still holds certain risks federal financial institutions will face and develop an appropriate response to. A strategic approach is vital...

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