Pay Finders App, A Brainchild of Brian Roemmele Can Help You Find Apple Pay locations

A new app launched last Tuesday, Pay Finders, helps users easily find local merchants who accept Apple’s mobile payment service, Apple Pay. People can also give their feedback on the Apple Pay experience at a location. This crowdsourced feedback can help others to make a decision and also help stores to improve service. The app that currently covers US and Canada (yes, in preparation) will see updated features and more countries soon. The app was created by Brian Roemmele, renowned mobile payments/Apple Pay expert, an advisor and an avid blogger. Brian is an Apple enthusiast and has deep interests in writing about new technology in FinTech space. LTP recently had an opportunity to interview Brian Roemmele (@BrianRoemmele) about his new venture.

LTP: How did you get this idea?

Brian Roemmele: Fundamentally, my empirical research over 30 years in the payments industry informs me that any new payment system and/or schema requires a few things:

1. Lots of locations

2. Lots of users

3. A better user experience than what it is replacing

4. Neutral or lower costs to the merchant and consumer

5. A higher perception of security

I knew NFC fit the ...

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