Now Pay with your Smartwatch, Pebble and LevelUp’s Payment Platform

We have been speaking about Payments through watches, wristbands, and other devices for a while now. However, it looks like Beautiful Lab has created a payment app that enables users to pay with your Pebble Smartwatch. The application is powered by LevelUp’s payment platform.

The new app is featured in the Pebble Store – the first open platform for sharing apps optimized for wearable items. It was launched on 3rd February, 2014. The store contains a variety of apps ranging from fitness, educations and utilities to games and puzzles. The collaboration with LevelUp according to them, makes Pebble the first Smartwatch to enable transactions at local merchants.

About the App:

  • Utilizing LevelUp’s SDK (available on its Developer Platform), BeautifulLab developed the pebble app.
  • Any user’s LevelUp code can be synced with his Smartwatch using the app.
  • The Smartwatch can then be scanned at the merchant’s counter just like mobile payments, only your doing it with your watch.
  • Users can even set a tip right from their Smartwatch by pressing the up and down knobs that are located on the Pebble.
  • The LevelUp Developer Platform is freely available to any developer that is interested in integrating payments into their service.

'BeautifulLab's LevelUp app for Pebble is the next step forward in payment innovation. By enabling people to pay with their watch, we've reduced unnecessary steps in the transaction process and created perhaps the easiest way for people to pay for things, said BeautifulLab Co-Founder, Tung Pham. I look forward to one day telling my kids about how people used to pay for things with plastic cards, he added.

'Being able to pay with my Pebble smartwatch is just awesome. The app BeautifulLab has built is simple, fast and convenient. It definitely turns heads when I checkout with a quick flick of the wrist. With LevelUp's Developer Platform, developers like BeautifulLab can integrate LevelUp directly into their own mobile and web apps, said LevelUp CEO, Seth Priebatsch. 'This app is a clear demonstration of the great user experiences that developers like BeautifulLab can create when working with open platforms like Pebble and LevelUp.

1.5 Million LevelUp users received a surprise in their email last week. The company sent an offer for any of their users to win a free Pebble and $250 LevelUp credit – if he is the one to complete the 7 Millionth transaction on LevelUp.