Pay by VOICE at select vending machines via Spindle, Validsoft & Cardis

It is interesting how this new partnership is going to revolutionize paying at vending machines. Apart from Online shopping payments, P2P transfers and retail payments, vending machines is the another station for payment technologists.

Spindle Mobile wallet & Cardis, a low value payments processor, announced their agreement to put their mobile wallet into Multi-max K-cup vending machines. Cardis’s processing technology, removes the since-1970’s legacy costs of electronic payments, changes the economics of low value payments for the merchant. The strategic partnership between Spindle & Cardis shows promising future potential growth of mobile payments by adding another unattended touch point where consumers do smaller value of transactions, but when aggregated in larger chunks disrupts payments at vending machine. Add to that the ease of Pay by voice.

Please find the complete press release as under:

Spindle Signs Agreement with Multi-max To Provide Comprehensive Mobile Marketing and Payment Acceptance Solution for K-Cup Vending Machines

Partnership Includes Cardis USA’s Low Value Payment Processing Services and ValidSoft Aut ...

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