PayCLT Event in Charlotte: Leveraging Blockchain To Solve Banking Challenges

With Part 2 of the LTP 2016 Predictions Podcast recorded and published last month, we had kicked off our local partnership with payCLT, the network of payments industry experts in Charlotte. The discussion included a diverse set of perspectives from leaders in the space, who shared their thoughts in segments ranging from blockchain to business payments, cardless ATMs to EMV cards, and mobile wallets to digital invoicing.

On Friday, January 15th, payCLT, hosted its first event for 2016 with a presentation and discussion about the application of Blockchain technology to solve banking issues. Attendees included professionals from many of the leading financial services institutions in Charlotte, including Wells Fargo, BB&T Bank, First Data, AvidxChange and others. Among the dozens of those present in the packed lobby of Packard Place, the local entrepreneurial hub, were also many other professionals who are usually passionate about payments innovation or looking to get into the space.

Chris Hart, managing director and co-ounder of Levvel, kicked off the discussion on Blockchain - set to be THE payments topic of 2016. In this interactive session, many of the attendees actively in by asking incisive questions about the implementation of Blockchain in banking systems, the need for seamless integration with other related banking technologies, and the availability of talent to support the expected rise in demand for this work. There were also questions around the use of blockchain in applications outside financial services and whether they had reached a similar level of maturity in understanding by the ecosystem. There seemed to be consensus in the room that mainstream players have recently and rapidly embraced Blockchain technology and that there is much better appreciation of the nuances now than even 18 months ago, even though a lot of education is still necessary.

LTP continues to cover Blockchain extensively, in multiple ways: from a thorough primer on the technology, ongoing Blockchain-related news coverage, a comprehensive report on the topic, to detailed company profiles on blockchain related companies in MEDICI.

payCLT will host a number of thought leaders over the coming months. Here’s the next 2 on the schedule:

  • February 5th, 2016 – Ramy Serageldin, COO of Moven.

Moven has built a leading edge mobile banking app for consumers looking for a single site solution to manage their finances without fees. This promises to be an interesting discussion with one of the leaders in the FinTech innovation

  • March 4th, 2016 – Chuck Winter on Mobile Payment Adoption.

Chuck is a principal consultant with the North Highland Company Chuck is known for his specialized perspectives and approaches on EMV adoption, the value of customer trust to brand identity, credit card and data security to guide merchant’s payment strategies.

LTP is looking forward to covering these and other payCLT events in the rest of the year.