Paydiant Continues to Develop Loyalty & Offers in White Label Wallet

Paydiant hopes to compete in the market with its white label mobile wallet platform, enabling an enhanced shopping experience for customers. It enables merchants, who have their own mobile apps, to integrate mobile payments, loyalty programs, offers, receipts and other related commerce services. This enables merchants to avoid the involvement of new brands in the payment process and eradicates the need to share their customers’ data with others for any indirect business model. The Paydiant platform leverages the benefits of mobile and cloud technologies to make its solutions smarter and highly secure.

Paydiant’s current clientele includes Subway, Harris Teeter, Capital One, Orange Leaf, etc. Subway was the first national retail chain which adopted Paydiant’s mobile wallet solution. At Subway, along with mobile payments, the Paydiant technology also enables offers and loyalty. As an organization, Paydiant is in an expansion phase. Back in August last year, the company had setup a larger office in Newton, MA. This move was aimed at growing talent in the organization.

Among the key features of Paydiant’s mobile wallet solution, the first notable aspect is that it is a white label offering. The company offers comprehensive APIs and SDKs for seamless integration by its clients. Mobile payments is a key feature and Paydiant’s solution offers checkout in multiple scenarios such as in-aisle using mPOS, at regular POS hardware systems, etc. Moreover, Paydiant believes in an omni-channel strategy and focuses on in-store mobile engagement by leveraging GPS or Bluetooth to enable customized alerts, promotions, etc. The customized notifications can include targeted offers and can even be linked to Paydiant’s integrated loyalty program. All of the these amazing features are hosted right on the cloud.

Paydiant has been the driving force behind the retailer group MCX’s CurrentC mobile wallet. Although there have been delays in the development of CurrentC, it is expected to launch this year. Paydiant is also conducting a pilot program using Bluetooth in QSRs for enabling payments.

Here is an illustration highlighting Paydiant’s omni-channel approach for customer engagement:

We asked Paydiant about security and other competing systems like Apple Pay which incorporates tokenization, biometric authentication and NFC. The company provided a roust response:

  • They do tokenization of their transactions
  • The PAN details never go to the POS of a retailer
  • They have incorporated 2 factor authentication as well

The mobile wallets space is certainly crowded, but Paydiant’s white label approach differentiates it form many others.