Payment Processing Companies Serving the Government

Payment processing companies have been designing next generation solutions for consumer and enterprise oriented services. Increasingly, government agencies are also feeling the need to shift to modern payment processing tools and techniques and leave the traditional formats behind. A number of companies are fulfilling the government’s needs through their payment rails:


BluePay offers government credit card processing solutions with the highest level of encryption and tokenization, compliant with PCI requirements. BluePay supports Level 3 transactions often used by government agencies. Any business that provides a product or service to a government agency that pays with a government-issued credit card is a candidate for BluePay’s service. BluePay offers lower discount rates as compared to competitors.

Chase Paymentech

Chase Paymentech understands the processing-specific needs and challenges of the public sector and helps increase sales and efficiency while reducing operational burdens. Through its point-of-sale and online-payment processing products, Chase offers a streamlined approach for education, transportation, utilities or other public sector segments. Chase provides government solutions in nearly every area, including income and property taxes, utility payments, vehicle registration, traffic citations, child support, permits, business taxes, corporate filings and many more.


Dwolla drives the US Department of Treasury’s digital wallet initiative under the platform. Dwolla is helping nearly 200 federal agencies, ranging from the Department of The Interior to the Department of Defense, collect approximately $110 billion per year over more than 100 million transactions. By powering the government’s payments platform, Dwolla helps in processing payments related to scenarios such as permits/passes for national parks, fees associated with US Tax Court, etc.


FIS helps government agencies, at all levels (federal, state, local), in accepting payments – whether for recurring services such as public utilities and water, for occasionally issued permits and licenses, for quarterly or annual tax payments, or for various other one-time fees, fines, and citations. As a certified IRS payment processor, FIS eliminates the hassles of manual transactions through a comprehensive suite of electronic payment solutions for federal, state and local government agencies.


Government Services from Fiserv helps government agencies effectively manage financial transactions in the ever-changing payments environment. From payments and loan processing to investment services and financial crime prevention, Fiserv’s solutions provide flexible, scalable back-office support for federal and municipal systems.


GovPayNet has been processing electronic payments of credit and debit cards from consumers to government entities for over 14 years. The company assists law enforcement agencies in handling bail payments by credit card and has expanded its portfolio of managed transactions to include payments to inmate trusts, telephone and commissary accounts, probation obligations, restitution payments, electronic monitoring fees, payment of traffic and criminal fines, towing and impound fees, records fees, publicly administered child support, property tax and assessment payments and a wide variety of payments to departments of revenue and treasurers, among others.

Hybrid Business Solutions

Hybrid Business Solutions provides customized payment processing that integrates industry-leading services with products and technologies that meet the variety of government agency needs. Hybrid Business Solutions’ services are fully compliant with all industry data security and application standards, including PCI DSS and PA DSS, to fulfill government needs. Hybrid Business Solutions provides the full range of merchant services and guarantees that the constituent’s transaction is instant, accurate, secure and complete - services include bail collection, court fines, traffic ticketing, property taxes, license fees, child support payments and assessments, among others.


The TransFirst Government Services program provides customized payment processing that integrates their industry-leading service with products and technologies that government employees can use now and into the future.

Government entities can benefit from streamlined processing in many areas, including:

  • Public-sector interchange management
  • Convenience fee management
  • Special program registration management
  • Invoice-only billing
  • RFP and bid coordination

TransFirst Government Services offers both online and POS solutions that are specifically tailored to government customers, including:

  • Utility processing
  • Court fee and fine collection
  • Tax collection
  • Transportation services
  • Licensing and permit fee collections
  • Special operating permits
  • Recreation class registration