PaymentAsia Enters WeChat Pay Segment

PaymentAsia adds WeChat Pay to its umbrella of payment services. With a move to increase their stronghold in Asia. PaymentAsia adds another innovative payment method into their bouquet of online payment services. WeChat Pay is an innovative online payment service which is integrated into WeChat Messenger, the revolutionary online payment service which going to change the whole online payment industry.

Supports multiple payment methods

WeChatPay offers a variety of payment methods through which a user can process payment to a merchant like QR code payment, in-app web-based payment, and many others. With the cutting edge technology of WeChat, it enables a seamless transfer of funds. With the launch of WeChat pay, PaymentAsia aims to expand their mobile payment portfolio and empowering merchants in accepting payments through mobile.

About PaymentAsia:

Payment Asia is a payment service provider which specializing in electronic payment solution. We are expertise in providing reliable and productivity of payment solutions for merchants.

Payment Asia provides merchants with a comprehensive business payment solution that simplifying, cost-effective, real-time performance of online payment processing capabilities of various payment options such as credit card, debit card online and mobile device.

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