Payments and Commerce at South by South West #SXSW

It's that time of the year again, when SXSW brings all the focus to our part of the world (the South). It’s one of the most important "tech festivals" in the world, attracting people from a variety of backgrounds, all to one place. Cocktail parties are as important as day sessions and some really important stuff has happened here, such as the launch of "Twitter" back in 2007. There is no better place for "engineered serendipity" than this event, which just started this year on March 13th, and will continue for the rest of the week until March 22nd. There is a detailed schedule page which is filled with exciting and never-ending sessions from the worlds of music, video, and tech (

What's the coverage for payments and commerce at SXSW?

Well, at first glance, it seems as though there is a high probability you will get lost looking for payments coverage. It's when you go deeper into the agenda and talk to people who have attended many of these over the years, that you will discover quite a lot of action in Bitcoin, Proximity Marketing, and commerce that's going on.

As an example, yesterday there was a great session from Capital One, "On Mobile Payments and Building for Apple Pay". The Capital One team talked about their Wallet app during the very informative session. The app provides views into spending beh ...

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