Payments and Frozen Yogurt

It's been a great summer so far.

I have had more frozen yogurt in more places and in more varieties than I have received pre-approved credit card offers in the mail...well, that second part is not quite true, and the topic of pre-approved card offers deserves it's own blog, so let's focus on the topic for this post...

Why have I had so much frozen yogurt? A few reasons:

  • I can actually eat exactly what I want and how much I want with the self-serve thing
  • It's fun! I might actually take more pleasure than my teenage son in trying out the new flavor of the week, even though I end up actually buying the same one or two.
  • New self-serve frozen yogurt shops - both franchises as well as independent single stores - seem to be popping up everywhere every day, so it's impossible for me to ignore them.

What does payments have to do with all this? None of these yogurt shops ...

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