Payments-As-A-Service: Transforming Businesses at the Enterprise Level; Interview With PayStand CEO, Jeremy Almond

Interview With PayStand CEO & Co-Founder, Jeremy Almond

More and more businesses are adopting SaaS technology platforms to streamline outdated processes, but when it comes to the movement of money, change has come slowly. A new breed of FinTech startups is trying to bridge the gap between cloud technology and finance, and giving aging companies a new lease on life in the process.

Let’s Talk Payments had the opportunity to interview Jeremy Almond, Co-founder and CEO of PayStand, to discuss his vision of a 0% B2B payments network and what’s needed to get there. PayStand’s Payments-as-a-Service platform is gaining adoption in larger enterprises, where its fixed-cost SaaS model can dramatically cut the fees and overhead currently associated with B2B payments.

LTP: To get started and give our readers a little bit of background, can you tell us a bit about your role at PayStand?

Well, PayStand is an early-stage payment startup where we have re-imagined both the cost model and underlying technology of business payments. As the CEO, I have the luckiest job in the world to work alongside an amazing team who are passionate about building a better financial system. I believe we are at an inflection point where the financial system is changing dramatically to be more like the internet—real time, lower cost, mobile-focused, global in reach, highly efficient, and fundamentally more democratic. I get to spend my days working with customers and our product team to ...

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