Payments Innovation: Fresh Look Ahead

One more ‘legacy’ year is behind us, the new ‘fresh’ one starts. In nature, change is constant and inevitable. It is also fairly slow and mainly evolutionary. At the macro level, everything looks very logical, guided by the basic scientific laws of physics, chemistry and biology. We are comfortable with changes that we can observe and measure. We feel that we are in full control of predicting future movements, through elegant mathematical modeling and good enough approximations. The world of macro physics is full of order that is guided by clear scientific standards.

By digging deeper into the area of subatomic particles and quantum physics, things start to look blurry, counter-intuitive and completely unexpected. Old ‘silos’ of physics, chemistry and biology, as distinct scientific disciplines, completely disappear. We can’t clearly observe and freely measure any process, without danger of ruining and completely skewing the results of the same measurement. We feel amazed and fascinated by the apparent chaos, but also confused and often scared by our inability to comprehend and predict what’s next. That’s the domain reserved only for the fearless and most curious minds. Imagination and intuition rule this world, without clear standards and without obvious order.

The physics reality of payments

In the ...

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