Payments Technology as a Career Option

The field of electronic payments is going through a massive transformation. Payment transactions enable commerce and have the ability to touch every human life. With technologies like the Internet and mobile phones being accessible to most of the population, making payments has never been easier. When buying and selling goods across the world, paying in local currencies has enabled a world of new commercial activity. Today, you can buy goods anywhere in the world through websites like Amazon, Alibaba and pay through your local credit/debit cards while receiving your shipment within days. These websites, along with the card companies, provide securities to ensure that both parties are genuine and that the transaction is valid. With the advent of social commerce, you can make payments using your social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms. Mobile payments are enabling a whole new paradigm of payments with innovative options such as using only your mobile to make person-to-person (P2P) payments and using your accou ...

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