PayPal acquisitions clearly show Mobility, Fraud, Expanding All Non-Cash categories as the Core Agenda

Ebay’s PayPal acquired nine companies since 2005 with a total disclosed value of $1,602 M for five of these deals. Most of the acquisitions were in the field of mobile payments, fraud management, payment gateways/processing, and developers platform. While the main business reasons behind the acquisitions were to enhance technology, expand market share and geographical presence, expand product line, and establish dominant market position.

A deeper insight into this reveals the following trends:

  • Mobile payments: Paypal acquired companies like StackMob, Braintree,, Zong, and Fig Card all of which are in the space of mobile payments. With the profileration of smartphones and changing consumer behavior Paypal recognized the need for a mobile-first strategy. The recent growth of mobile money has also allowed millions of people who were otherwise excluded from the formal financial ...
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