PayPal Analysis, a 5 Point Outlook as it Becomes Independent

The entire industry is looking forward to the corporate split between eBay and PayPal. Everyone wants to know about the next big move that PayPal will make when it goes independent. We have been following some trends that hint at what the future of PayPal might look like. Here are some notable aspects:

Will you be able to pay via PayPal at Amazon or Alibaba?

There might be a fair chance of PayPal becoming a payment option for Amazon. Post the spinoff from eBay, PayPal is free to look for partnerships with other online marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba. PayPal has been driving massive transaction numbers from eBay in past years, and it's unlikely that the company will build a marketplace of its own; hence it is highly expected that PayPal will partner with other online marketplaces to keep the profits coming in. There has already been demand for PayPal’s availability on Amazon so we might end ...

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