PayPal Bringing more Payment Services on Windows Platform this year

In the three years since its launch, PayPal Here has become one of the easiest ways for millions of small businesses to get paid - wherever they do business. PayPal has unveiled a new PayPal Here reader that will also include payment support for Microsoft Surface and other Windows devices through combined efforts with Microsoft. Small businesses that use the PayPal Here reader, Windows 8.1 app, and SDK on these devices will benefit from the same world-class product features and customer support enjoyed by existing PayPal Here users.

Later this year, PayPal is bringing an EMV-compliant PayPal Here reader to the US, a technology that small businesses throughout the UK and Australia have already been using with great success. In short, PayPal Here continually evolves with new and innovative functionality to help small businesses serve their customers and increase sales.

To enhance the POS offering, PayPal will also be making available a Windows phone app later this year. Soon, handsets like the Lumia 635 and Lumia 830 will also be able to transact to meet customers where they are. PayPal has already had great response from ISVs like Canvas and iConnect POS who have committed to beginning work immediately on the PayPal Here SDK platform and aim to introduce new software in the coming months. This SDK will allow even move developers and ISVs to integrate their apps in the PayPal transaction platform directly from Windows and Surface.

Here is a video illustration highlighting new payment services on Windows platform:

Retailers are committing to adopting this new Windows based PayPal solution as well. Customers representing traditional brick and mortar stores like Bridal Boutique of Texas, as well as modern, professional services such as Two Dudes & A Booth photography, have already signed on to use PayPal Here and Surface Pro 3 to streamline their business practices.

Later this year in the US, small business retailers will be able to purchase the complete POS solution including Surface, the PayPal Here app and card reader and specific point of sale hardware accessories through commercial resellers, Microsoft Retail Stores and select partner retail locations. This not only allows customers to see and experience the full PayPal Here for Surface POS solution set-up before they buy, it also gives them an easy go-to support resource for once they implement PayPal Here and Surface in their own businesses.