Paypal Continues to Take Preemptive Security Measures; Companies Scramble to Meet EMV Liability Deadline

Here’s what you might have missed on LTP this past weekend, March 27th – March 29th, 2015:

CardFlight Integrates EMV Chip Technology for its SwipeSimple Mobile Point-of-Sale Solution

With the impending EMV liability shift in October, CardFlight is making sure its partners have nothing to worry about in the future. The EMV-ready card readers will pair with CardFlight’s SwipeSimple mobile POS solution.

Why is Host Card Emulation a Big Opportunity for Technology Providers?

Host Card Emulation (HCE) allows mobile devices to perform card emulation through NFC without access to a secure element. With banks limiting their internal resources on this technology, should tech organizations seize the opportunity and focus on developing HCE solutions?

Say Goodbye to Card-Based ATM Withdrawals; Cardless ATMs Move to the Mainstream

A few banks across the country have recently begun implementing cardless ATM software. This new software takes advantage of a smartphones’ QR scanning ability and removes many of the security risks associated with traditional ATM usage.

Handpoint brings its award winning EMV platform to North America

To assist companies with the upcoming liability shift, Handpoint is bringing its complete EMV payments solution from Europe to the U.S. and Canada. Handpoint’s APIs and SDKs can be integrated in a matter of hours.

FIS Adds Biometric Access to Mobile Solutions

FIS is adding biometric access to its mobile banking application via Apple’s TouchID, making FIS the first provider of one-touch cardless cash.

Fiserv Survey Finds Mobile Visits, Bill Payments Up at Biller Websites

According to Fiserv, one in five visits to mobile billing sites comes from a mobile device. Despite a 55 percent increase in mobile visits since 2013, only 16 percent of billers have implemented a mobile bill pay & presentment strategy.

CareCredit Launches Digital Card Technology for Cardholders & Providers

CareCredit from Synchrony Financial is bringing mobile payment functionality to all of its cardholders and providers. The new digital card will allow cardholders access to a digital version of their healthcare credit card on their mobile device.

PayPal Seeks to Expand its Security Efforts Further; a New Security Center in Israel

Aside from the recent implementation of Deep Learning, PayPal continues to take additional strides towards proactive security. The new security center in Israel is made possible by PayPal’s recent acquisition of CyActive, a cybersecurity firm.