PayPal focuses on loyal customers with “PayPal Select” reward program

PayPal is always looking to improve the payments experience for its customers, bring value to them and make them want to use PayPal services more often. To reward those customers who use its payment platform the most, PayPal is launching a new program in the coming week called PayPal Select.

The program is designed to reward those customers who have been most active in using PayPal online, in store, or on mobile devices. Such customers would receive access to the best offers from leading retailers and would also be given priority access to PayPal’s customer-service team when they have questions regarding services.

Customers eligible for PayPal Select will receive either an email welcoming them to the program or an invitation through their transaction notifications. For enrolled customers, PayPal Select will be active for one year, and renewal will be done based on how loyal the customer remains to PayPal.

Some retailers participating in PayPal Select include Target, Wayfair, Overstock,, Footlocker,, Puritan’s Pride,, and Neiman Marcus.

The rising competition from players such as Visa, which recently launched a new payment option, is driving PayPal to shift its focus more toward retaining customers. PayPal also recently updated its mobile app to include support for loyalty cards along with enhancing the performance of the app, making it more responsive. PayPal could use its in-app loyalty features for its own loyalty program and to give a boost to the PayPal Select program on mobile.


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