PayPal Unveils new Identity and Logo, First ever Global Brand Campaign

On April 30th 2014, PayPal unveiled some changes to its brand identity which includes a new logo – first time the company has updated its identity since 2007. On the same day, the company also launched its first ever brand Campaign!

About the new Brand Identity and Logo:

  • Their new look reflects the convenience, security and simplicity of PayPal revamped for today’s dynamic mobile-first world.
  • The brand identity was developed by award-winning design firm fuseproject.
  • It consists of simplified forms and fresher colors whilst building on the recognition of the existing logo and signature double P.

  • The new brand expression is designed for a world moving from desktop and mobile today, to a future where almost any device can deliver payment, states their blog.
  • It can be utilized anywhere, from smartphones to 72 TVs.
  • The new identity is to be applied globally, online and to all of PayPal’s core applications, including apps, checkout buttons, PayPal Here devices, marketing materials as well as sales collateral.

Our new brand identity goes far beyond an updated logo. We have aligned this with our first global brand campaign We’re setting a new expectation with our global consumers, developers and merchants: PayPal is redefining the future of money by putting people first, PayPal’s president, David Marcus, said in a press release. After all, money doesn't make the world go round, people do, he added.

PayPal is an iconic brand with equity well beyond its logo treatment. PayPal is innovative and dynamic, and people interact with it as they do with a consumer-focused brand, said fuseproject’s founder and CEO, Yves Behar. The new logo reflects the notion of a pioneer, and will prepare PayPal to lead the industry as the intuitive way to transact on all devices in a non-techy fashion.

About the Brand Campaign:

  • The main insight underscoring the campaign is that people are now more empowered than ever before – to create new ways to connect, pay and transact on their terms – according to PayPal.
  • The company says it is leading this movement by making it more secure, more intuitive and easier for people to pay –whenever and wherever they would like.
  • Havas Worldwide was responsible for the development of The global brand campaign Powering The People Economy.
  • It will reach across television, print, digital, out of home, experiential, in-store and social channels, says the company’s press release.
  • Television spots are set to first appear in the UK, Germany, US as well Australia.

PayPal has an opportunity and responsibility to help people take control of their money and use it in any way they want, through seamless and delightful experiences. Powering The People Economy is a recognition of what our customers should expect and demand from us – secure, easy and convenient payment experiences that get out of the way and get them closer to what they want, PayPal president, David Marcus, stated in a press release.

PayPal believes in a world that works for people, rather than the other way around. Through our products, we are making life better in tangible, practical and magical ways and building a world that makes every day easier and simpler for everyone, PayPal’s VP of global brand, Christina Smedley, said in the same release. The essence behind this new campaign puts people, not institutions, first, she added.

Our goal was to give a contemporary, human and populist voice to a brand that does amazing things for everyday people, said Global CMO for Havas Worldwide, Matt Weiss. Rather than describe simple benefits, we focused on the perspective of what does PayPal do for people as a whole – how the brand is challenging and changing the status quo. Powering The People Economy came as a natural extension of that thought.