Payter Leverages Creditcall’s Technology to Roll Out Contactless Payment Terminals

Creditcall, the EMV-ready payment gateway provider and EMV Migration specialist, has been chosen by Dutch contactless payment terminal provider Payter to power its new P6 series of contactless unattended payment terminals, designed to take advantage of the accelerating increase in contactless payments in Europe.

The contactless payments market is growing rapidly with the number of contactless card transactions in Europe up 174 percent year over year in the last quarter of 2014. By 2019 Swedish analyst house Berg Insight believes that more than 70 percent of the world’s payment terminals will be contactless enabled – compared to 28 percent in 2014. The opportunities for contactless payments are particularly vast in the unattended market, where not having the exact amount of cash ready can be a nuisance.

Payter’s P6 series of contactless payment terminals use Creditcall’s EMV Level 2 Kernel, Contactless.LIB, which controls the communication between the terminal and a credit or debit card. The transaction is processed via Creditcall’s Payment Gateway to Elavon, one of Europe’s largest acquiring banks. The P6 contactless payment terminal family is aimed at unattended markets such as vending and parking and can be easily integrated without modification to existing machines.

Creditcall’s unique combination of 14 years of EMV Kernel development experience, and renowned unattended payment processing expertise, made them our payment solution provider of choice. Their EMV Level 2 Kernel has enabled us to reduce development times and speed up our product roll-out. We decided to focus on what we do best and bring in an expert, saving us a lot of time and effort, said Remco Willemse, Managing Director of Payter, in an official press release. The implementation and the certification processes were flawless, with Creditcall providing excellent advice and support throughout our entire development cycle, delivering everything they had promised.

Since October 2014, almost 1,000 of Payter’s payment terminals have been deployed at a wide range of high profile FMCG customers within the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK.