Payvision, Providing Global Card Payments for eCommerce Market

Since the birth of e-Commerce, Global Card Payments have been the technological backbone of a rapidly expanding electronic market facing great challenges such as unprecedented technological innovation, changing business needs and an increasingly demanding regulatory landscape of complex legal obligations. This has created opportunities for several online payment processing service providers. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Payvision looks to leverage this market by providing Innovative next-generation Payment Platform for merchants and business partners.

Founded in 2002 by Rudolf Booker, Payvision is a fast growing, independent Payment Solution Provider specialized in Global Card Payments for the e-Commerce market. Payvision offers Acquiring Banks, Agents, Payment Service Providers, ISO, MSPs and their Merchants a secure PCI DSS Compliant, PSD Licensed International Payment Processing Network enhanced with innovative technology.

Payvision offers its customers a Multi-Currency Platform, conversion in 150+ Transaction Currencies and all regional Card Settlement Currencies, as supported by major Card Organizations. Payvision is the fastest growing independent global acquiring network in the world, according to the company. And, in an expanding and profitable cross-border e-commerce market, Payvision relies on a non-competitive partnership model in which all stakeholders share revenue.

Our innovative card payment platform and high-availability architecture offers our customers one transparent interface to service global card payment processing through an international network of Acquiring Banks, connected to one secure full-service Model said Rudolf Booker, CEO, PayVision.

Payvision’s full-service model includes Global Card Processing, Sharing Expertise, Innovative Payment Solutions and integrated Risk Management. The company invites financial institutions and PSPs/ISOs Payment Solutions to seize the great opportunities offered by cross-border e-commerce. As a voting EPSM Member, Payvision represents the interests of Business Partners and anticipates regulatory changes and increasing demands in a European e-commerce market unified by SEPA.

Driven by a passionate team of 50-100 individuals, Payvision has recently Won Best CNP program outside the US Award. Payvision has also signed global partnerships with Virtual Piggy, Rentabiliweb, ProPay and others. It is present in more than 40 countries with offices in New York, Utah, Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin, Singapore and Macau. In an effort to tap emerging Asian market, Payvision opened its office in Hong Kong in 2011.

LTP View: The online payment eco-system is continuing to grow. Though there are a lot of discussions about alternative payments solutions which are coming up and different ways of payment, the established card organizations Payvision, Visa and others will continue to be the main drivers of change in the industry as they know the business, they know where they are going, they are in most of the potential market and they will continue to shape the agenda in conjunction with technology. As an emerging solution the industry can see a strong growth in e-wallets, especially in the Asia –Pacific region. Payvision should keep a keen eye on these developments and be proactive in such a dynamic industry.