Payzer, a North Carolina Based Company Cruises Ahead in Mobile Payments

For many fleet based businesses, keeping up with the financial management of customers, recurring payments, and employee compensation can be a demanding task. However, finding efficient and secure methods of payment transactions in the field is an imperative for many companies looking to expand and grow their customer base and revenue.

The cloud based monetary platform, Payzer, is a self described All-in-one financial tool, aiming to expedite various payment, loan and credit processes. Via its mobile and online payment applications, Payzer targets both individuals and businesses looking to grow sales and exchange money with ease.

Payzer was founded by Joe Giordano and Doug Little, and is based in Charlotte N.C. Formerly called Just Push Pay, Payzer recently received $4.2 million of Series A funding from Grotech Ventures and Route 66 Ventures just this past April. Payzer intends to use these funds to increase its sales and marketing and to expand its product development team.

Payzer’s mobile platform paired with its credit card acceptor allow businesses to accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks with real-time tracking across their organizations. They provide instant payment up to $55,000 using a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Furthermore, in order to control purchases, Payzer allows businesses to distribute Visa debit cards to employees, in lieu of the typical company credit card.

In addition to targeting businesses, Payzer features services catered towards non-business individuals. Payzer’s service through its free mobile app allows customers to make mobile payments with their existing debit or credit cards by simply entering the e-mail address and payment amount.

While they do have components reminiscent of other typical mobile payments companies, Payzer is a formidable and growing player in its space. Its niche in the fleet business, and package offerings that encompass various different financial services hold the true promise within Payzer.