PEaaS, BoTree and LTP Announce Partnership to Offer Prototyping and Development Services to Global FinTech Community

As the FinTech industry continues to grow in scope, scale and complexity around the world, there is an increasing need for both young startups and large incumbents to build new product capabilities in a robust and efficient manner, while also exceeding the expectations of the marketplace.

LTP, along with its MEDICI platform, already offers FinTech startups the unique advantage of positioning themselves effectively in front of the most well-known VCs, investors and banks. It also provides the VCs and Investors valuable insights into the 5500+ FinTech startups profiled on the platform. With the PEaaS and BoTree partnerships, MEDICI will now offer its registered members targeted software product development services and the ability to build captive development teams.

PEaaS, or Product-Engineering-as-a-Service, provides its customers with complete software product engineering lifecycle services, along with the necessary human capital, building and nurturing the customer’s intellectual property thru patents, products and people.

BoTree provides its customers with software development services related to productization, complex problem solving, rapid prototyping, enterprise software development and customer support, helping its customers to go from the canvas to the cloud.

The PEaaS team’s successful track record in developing and deploying software products worldwide for the FinTech industry, combined with BoTree’s strong foundation in rapid prototyping and conventional outsourcing, collectively makes it an ideal offering for startups and Fortune 500 FinTech companies alike. Companies that are registered on MEDICI now have access to a committed partner for turnkey software development projects as well as building captive development teams.

The founding team of PEaaS and BoTree come from C-SAM, Inc., now part of MasterCard. Over a span of 16 years, C-SAM built a strong intellectual patent portfolio, a carrier-grade secure transaction infrastructure platform, and highly specialized product engineering teams for the global FinTech industry. C-SAM was acquired by MasterCard Worldwide in 2014. The PEaaS and BoTree teams have broad experience in software product development and deep domain expertise in the FinTech space, making them ideal partners to the LTP community and registered MEDICI subscribers.

Aditya Khurjekar, CEO and Founder of Let’s Talk Payments, described the significance of this offering for MEDICI subscribers and the LTP community at large: Our strength comes from our domain depth and the undivided focus on FinTech. This partnership is yet another example of how we continue to support the global FinTech community by expanding the toolkit that’s necessary in FinTech today for FinTech founders who are growing or building their companies as well as for business owners at enterprises who are looking to innovate faster.

"We have always admired the value that Let’s Talk Payment and MEDICI bring to the global FinTech ecosystem – from Startups to the banks to the VCs. With this partnership, our goal is to work with FinTech innovators worldwide, supporting them with software product development and human capacity building, allowing them to focus on delivering the next-gen groundbreaking solutions." – Shardul Bhatt, Founder, BoTree.

We are excited about the prospects of interacting with some of the most innovative and dynamic leaders in the FinTech world through LTP and MEDICI. Having driven technology innovation and global delivery in the FinTech space before, we can relate to the anxieties and excitement of startups as well as the large financial service providers, when it comes to rolling out new products and services. We believe this partnership will open new avenues of collaboration and cooperation, further enriching the LTP community." – Vimarsh Vasavada, Founder, PEaaS.

For more information, please contact:

Meera Kavathia +1.312.399.5952