Perhaps this First ever Apple Pay ATM Transaction Showcases Future of Banking

Deep in the research lab at an undisclosed location, at an undisclosed company, I witnessed the very first ATM machine transaction facilitated by Apple Pay. I have permission to disclose just the fact that a bonafide transaction was completed and just how fast and simple it was. No card ever touched the machine.

Apple Pay will change not just payments, but banking as we know it. The brilliant Brett King has put this in beautiful concepts: Banking will not necessarily be a place you go, but a thing you do'. I would go on to say you will do it on that super computer you take out of your pocket.

I am certain of this: Apple Pay is far, far more then NFC payments at retailers. Apple Pay is far, far more then in-app purchases. Apple Pay has a very bright and a very eclectic future showing up doing things no one would have thought of.

Specimen of a modern ATM machine. Not the machine in the Lab. But perhaps some day soon using Apple Pay.