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David L. Shrier

Programme Director, Oxford Cyber Futures, Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford

David Shrier is a globally recognized thought leader in financial innovation. He has published multiple books on cybersecurity & FinTech and created a pioneering series of online FinTech classes for MIT and the University of Oxford, which have engaged more than 15,000 innovators in over 140 countries, revolutionizing the model for university short-course offerings. David currently advises the Commonwealth of Nations on shaping FinTech policy for 53 countries, and FinTech unicorn Kyriba on corporate innovation. His other government advisory roles include working with regulators and policymakers of the EU, the US, and the UK. He also founded and led biometrics and AI analytics software companies, among other private-sector endeavors. He is an Associate Fellow with SaÏd Business School, University of Oxford and a Lecturer with the MIT Media Lab.

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