Ravi rathi

Ravi Rathi & Shivangi


Ravi conducts research across all FinTech domains and has in-depth experience in the areas of consulting & research. He also has a deep understanding of talent mapping solutions and has previously worked with Fortune 500 companies to solve their talent-related problems. Ravi is especially interested in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. He has helped various companies understand upcoming technologies in the FinTech domain across the globe. He truly believes that the two things that matter the most in any business is ‘money’ and ‘talent’ and loves solving problems related to these two drivers.

Shivangi is a FinTech enthusiast and an avid researcher who spends her time learning, researching, and writing about market trends, traction & disruptions in the industry. She focuses on understanding FinTech companies and various emerging technologies impacting the business model. She has been active in the financial services space for 1.9 years.

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