Varun Mittal

Varun Mittal is a FinTech professional leading global emerging markets FinTech practice at a global consulting & professional services firm.

As Associate Partner, Varun manages client coverage of all financial services providers across banking & capital markets, insurance, and wealth & asset management in the ASEAN region. He has worked with multiple regulators and national trade promotion agencies to develop FinTech hub ecosystems across ASEAN, India, the Middle East, the European Union, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Previously, Varun was the first marketing and sales employee at helloPay (acquired by ANT Financial, Alibaba Group), led payments for Samsung in ASEAN, and developed regional mobile payment solutions at Singtel Group.

Varun has authored books and articles on multiple financial services domains (FinTech, InsurTech, Blockchain, WealthTech, and Payments), and has also written on regulatory compliance (RegTech), entrepreneurship and innovation. He is the co-founder of Singapore Fintech Association & ASEAN Fintech Network and works closely with startups, educational institutions, investors, and regulators across the world.