Pleo, A Smart Company Card That Automates Expense Reports, Closes $3M Seed Round

  • Pleo is a company card paired with an app that automatically does your expense reports
  • More than 650 companies signed up for early access to Pleo, currently available in beta
  • $3M seed round will go to further product development and public launch in Denmark and UK

The London- and Copenhagen-based FinTech startup Pleo – that offers smart company payment cards – today announced a $3M seed financing round led by Founders, a startup studio backed by Kirkbi A/S, Bestseller and William Demant Invest.

Pleo is a simple out­-of­-the-­box business spending solution. It combines Pleo payment cards – that can be easily assigned to employees and individually set limits – with software and a mobile app to automatically match receipts with payments and track all company spending in real­ time.

Most companies today rely on shared company credit cards or employees paying for work­-related expenses out-­of­pocket, filli ...

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