Plug and Play FinTech Opens Startup Applications for its Third Batch

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Call for Applications for Financial Technology Startups to Apply to Plug and Play FinTech

SUNNYVALE, CA [Press Release] - Plug and Play’s FinTech Platform of Innovation has been growing rapidly over the past year and has opened applications for its third batch. With recent major events in New York City and the Bay Area, Plug and Play FinTech has become one of the most popular and prestigious innovation platforms, seeking to optimize the current transformation of financial services. With partners such as Citi Ventures, USAA, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Santander, MUFG, U.S. Bank, Sumitomo, Capital One, Banco Original, JCB, Assurant, and Intuit, Plug and Play FinTech is empowering entrepreneurs to innovate and disrupt the financial industry. Plug and Play FinTech has run two previous batches, which saw over 50 startups go through the acceleration process with our partners. The success of the first two batches includes 25 pilots and 18 external funding events.

“Plug and Play is a key player in our global innovation strategy. We are excited for our partnership with this leading franchise in Silicon Valley,” says Bart-Jan Schenkels, Head of IT Strategy at Credit Suisse.

With over 350 portfolio companies and more than 300 corporate partners Plug and Play is a leader in startup success. Plug and Play has created focused innovation platforms in the areas of: FinTech, Brand & Retail, Internet of Things, Media & Mobile, Connected Health, Travel & Hospitality, and New Materials & Packaging. By focusing on specific verticals, Plug and Play can customize the experience of each startup in the specific innovation platform. It pairs startups with investors and connects forward-thinking minds.

“One of the best aspects of the Plug and Play FinTech accelerator is their network of industry experts and mentors. As a mortgage marketplace, we were able to tap into the knowledge of people like the CMO of CitiMortgage and the Head of Innovation at U.S. Bank,” says John Paasonen, Co-Founder and CEO of Maxwell. “That mentorship pushed our thinking and resulted tangibly in shifts in our pricing model and product roadmap. None of this would have happened without Plug and Play.”

Plug and Play FinTech is a stage-agnostic program providing startups with twelve weeks of business development, pitch polishing, and unparalleled networking with Fortune 500 financial institutions. Applications are due by December 15th:

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play Tech Center is the world’s largest global technology accelerator and venture fund. Since inception in 2006, our program has expanded worldwide to include entrepreneurs from 24 countries, providing necessary resources to succeed in Silicon Valley. With over 350 startups and 300 corporate partners, we have created the ultimate startup ecosystem. Plug and Play provides active investments with 180 leading Silicon Valley VCs, and more than 365 networking events per year. Companies in our community have raised over $3.5 billion in funding, with successful portfolio exits including Danger, Dropbox, Lending Club, PayPal, SoundHound, and Zoosk. For more information, visit

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