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Points.com Launches APIs for Loyalty Programs

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Points.com-LogoPoints, a global leader in loyalty commerce transactions and currency management, launched Points Loyalty Wallet, which allows consumers to access all their favorite loyalty programs wherever they are. On the merchant end, Points Loyalty Wallet is basically a set of APIs, which allows the merchant to add a loyalty component into their app, website, POS system or digital wallet. The integration of the loyalty components into various channels will add value to merchants’ customer engagement programs. One the consumer end, it will allow consumers to access, track and manage their loyalty points and choose the program they want the points to accumulate in. Point Loyalty Wallet will also allow consumers to make full or some part of the payment using their accumulated loyalty points.

Points aims at delivering a good experience to the end consumers in managing their loyalty programs while giving a good opportunity to the merchants to engage with their customers via the API integration. Points already with connects over 110 globally recognized loyalty programs. Their existing Loyalty Commerce Platform is an e-commerce platform that offers transaction-level opportunities to power products and services that allow loyalty programs to drive increased revenue and member engagement for the merchant company.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.18.03 PM"When founding this company, we set out on a mission to make the world's loyalty programs more valuable and engaging and the Points Loyalty Wallet is a critical part of that vision," said Christopher Barnard, president and co-founder of Points. "One great example of an exciting opportunity will be the introduction of loyalty into mobile digital wallets - not only will loyalty information always be accessible at a consumer's fingertips but developers will also be able to seamlessly integrate new ways for consumers to earn or burn their favorite loyalty program currency. For our participating loyalty partners this will mean greater distribution and more opportunities for engaging their members."

Points Loyalty Wallet APIs will enable developers to integrate sanctioned transaction-level access into dozens of loyalty programs representing hundreds of millions of consumers. As Points launches the new Points Loyalty Wallet and the wallet APIs, Points.com will act as a central point for end users or consumers to access, track and manage their loyalty programs at one place. The central hub will allow users to exchange their loyalty points from one merchant to another, redeem gift cards and view their activity dashboard.

"The redesigned Points.com is a representation of the robust functionality that's possible when combining our Loyalty Commerce Platform with our Loyalty Wallet APIs," said Barnard. "Not only are we providing the tools for loyalty partners, developers and merchants to easily integrate loyalty into their products, but we're also committed to helping them deliver an exceptional user experience."

It was exactly a year ago when one of our writers wrote about whether turning apps into wallets with APIs should be the new future. Let’s Talk Payments exemplified Starbucks as the best brand to use mobile wallet to integrate its loyalty programs, offers and incentives to its consumers at one place. Users can also make payments via the Starbucks mobile app. All these features in one single place - that is how the mobile wallet contributed to 11% of sales volume for Starbucks. Points’ new Points Loyalty Wallet API program is a big opportunity for businesses like airlines, hotels, travel websites, food chains and others to drive similar increases in customer engagement and customer retention.

Aboli Gangreddiwar

Prosper MarketplaceEmail Marketing Manager

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