This Programmable Card got First Week of Pre-Orders worth $5.2 Mn

Plastc, the company behind Plastc Card, recently announced its successful pre-order campaign. Plastc Card is a secure digital programmable card and within the first week of its launch, it has already got orders worth $5.2 Mn. This digital card is attracting those seeking a seamless way of storing credit & debit cards, loyalty & gift cards, access cards and more in a single card itself. Plastc Card would enter the market officially in Q1 2015 and is currently prices at $155.

Plastc Card not only got big pre-orders in U.S. but also from other international markets like Canada, UK, Australia and Malaysia. The launch of Plastc Card witnessed some notable milestones as well. Top buyers of the card were early adopters, ranging in the age of 25 to 34 and 45.8% of the preorders came from female buyers.

Plastc's referral campaign dubbed as ‘Refer a Friend Program’ also led to its success in pre-orders. At launch, Plastc introduced a ‘give $20 get $20’ referral program. Those that pre-order Plastc Card will have the option to refer as many friends and family to purchase Plastc Card as well, and for each person that accepts the offer the original purchaser will receive a $20 Amazon gift card at the time of shipping, and the referred will receive $20 off the purchase of their Plastc Card. The program is still running actively.

Here is an exclusive video highlighting Plastc Card:

Ryan Marquis, COO and co-founder of Plastc, said in an official press release: 'The growing worldwide demand for Plastc Card illustrates the real need people have to bridge the physical and digital wallet. Our intuition was correct, based on our customers' feedback and the preorders we have received so far. We are inspired by all of our Plastc fans out there. We didn't fully expect the volumes of pre-orders that we're seeing on a daily basis. We are fully committed to delivering on our promise of producing the industry's most intelligent, secure digital card ever invented, and are looking forward to getting the Plastc Card to market.

The card provides an array of robust features which include:

  • An E-Ink touchscreen which is used to display information like name, credit card, barcodes and more.
  • A Rewritable magnetic strip which changes automatically depending on the stored card selected.
  • Integrated Chip and PIN hardware which will work actively after a Plastc firmware update in 2015.
  • Rewritable NFC/RFID technology which lets the card work as any other NFC/RFID card.
  • Support for Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) to connect the card with accompanying Wallet app.
  • A remote wipe feature which gets activated once the card is left away from the phone for a predetermined amount of time. It would wipe entire data on the card to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • If the card is lost, a Return Me Mode gets activated displaying appropriate message on the e-ink screen.
  • Built-in flash memory to store up to 20 cards at a time.
  • The E-Ink touchscreen also displays photo ID and signature at the point-of-sale for additional authentication.